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"Well, that was delicious. What did I learn? Slow down. Breathe. Follow the lead. Beautiful."

-Greg, Businessman


"Wow, just wow. Loved the session with you, Cat. You have a fantastic touch and the exchange of energy was outstanding. I'm processing our session and I feel very calm and satisfied."

-Mark, Businessman

"That was incredible. I haven't been this relaxed in years."

-Brian, Sound Engineer

"Cat, you are so totally in touch and in tune with what feels good on the male body. The sounds, the feel, the touch, where you touch, how you touch, how long you's absolutely divine."

-Ben, Lawyer

"That was glorious. When you touch me it makes me feel beautiful."

-Anonymous Retired Man.


"Dear Cat,

I’ve entered into a new relationship in the last 5 months and I am very happy and satisfied. Our love making is wonderful and it is clear to me that the sessions with you have helped me to open up to pleasure- to asking for what I want, to giving and adapting so that there is flow.
Thank you so much for helping me to be ready for love and ecstasy."

-Kim, Director of Operations


"There is a certain sexiness in powerful, mature women that I have grown to be quite fond of, and Cat ranks among the best of them."

-Valentino, IT systems administrator


"L and I just want you to know how much we enjoyed ourselves today.  It was truly surreal and intensely pleasurable for both of us.  We hope you got as much pleasure from the experience as we did.  Thank you so much for your sensitivity, your passion, and being so tender with L and opening her gently to new levels of pleasure.  She enjoyed herself immensely, and we have been making love and whispering to each other about the experience since we left you."

- L & C,  20 something couple

"All I have to say is wow!! You are spectacular, Cat. I will be back!"

- Tom, Steelworker.


"Hi Cat, Just to connect and let you know how much we appreciated and enjoyed working with you. You are an amazing woman, an amazing healer and amazing teacher of bliss."

-S and S, (50 something couple)


"Thank you for your generous presence and lovely vibe in my session with you this evening. I found my experience warm, restorative and fun. And very sensual. Thank you for supporting my journey."

-Claire, Librarian


"At first, I was so excited by the massage that I started eagerly touching Cat back. She asked me to relax and receive so that she could take me somewhere new. So I did. I surrendered to a Master and I achieved a state close to Samadhi (enlightenment)."

Swami, Engineer


"Cat, I enjoyed meeting you and I thoroughly enjoyed our session.  As I said, that time with you was a very special experience. The 90 minutes went by much too fast. Thank you again for your gift of your time & your skills.  I will always remember it as I will always remember you."

-Bill from Alaska


"That's the most sensual thing anyone's ever done to me."

Trevor, Barrister, London


"Wow! That was by far the most ecstatic/sexual/spiritual experience that I have ever, ever, felt/expressed/shared with any one person in my life, or even thought humanly possible. Thank you. Thank you from that sacred deep space within my heart for facilitating my communion with the sacred divine and helping me receonnect with my inner voice and spirit."

Cal, Businessman


"Cat, your body is a religious experience."

Anonymous Retired Man.


"Cat, I want to thank you so much for what I can only describe as an incredible journey with you. Your warm, geniune personality coupled with you phenomenal skills brought me to another dimension that I didn't know was possible. The time you took at the beginning of our session to learn about each other was great. I know I've got a little bit to go and learn yet, but your patience as we transcended that space showed what a true, caring person you are. And the ending to our journey was pure ecstasy. Thank much."

Sam, Entrepreneur


"Everything they said in the reviews on your website is true. You taught me more about sex in twenty minutes than I've learned in the last twenty years."

Dan, 30 something professional


"I cannot put my finger on exactly what it is that I loved the most about my session with you because you made it all fabulous. But certainly your warmth and sensuality really added to the overall effect. I wanted to write and let you know that you certainly are the best from my perspective. Among many tantric goddesses you stand out above all. I do believe it is your sincerity that makes you so special, but also your willingness to make my feelings a focus of yours. The sensual pressure of you body against mine still lingers in my soul. The warmth of your touch is fondly recalled. And the ultimate moment of pleasure was something that flowed so naturally, it was just a continuation of all the pleasure that had come before.-

William, Media Producer


"Hi Cat: That was, as I said, amazing! I really enjoyed the massage- it was perfect, beyond expectations! I loved the weight of your body on me and the way you rested your head on me ... the light touches including with your hair and also the deep massage ...actually I enjoyed everything from start to finish! ... The way you finished was new for me and I was taken to another place! I feel refreshed, happy, and ... well ... like doing it again! I also just enjoyed you ... you are very nice! You have a very grounded, intelligent, sexy way about you- thanks for sharing a part of your day with me and giving me a very special time."

Brian, Builder

"Cat, you are so powerful in your sweet, smiling way."

Dennis, Marketing


"When she opened the door, Cat's professional approach put me completely at ease. Her session proceeded with the loving curiousity of an innocent child driven by the power of a mature woman. In the middle of the session she spontaneously broke out into song providing me with an unforgettable experience."

Frank, Psychotherapist


"It all comes together in the hands of Cat: body, mind, spirit... so much more than a fleeting experience. Her touch is soulful. See her, and long after a session you will continue to be moved."

Michael, Actor

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