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All sessions begin with taking some time to connect, unwind and share your desires and boundaries.

Cat's background is in therapeutic massage - deep tissue, Swedish, cranial sacral, cuddling and body to body sliding. Her sessions generally start with a full body massage as she feels it's important for you to relax first so that you can drop into a state of surrender. 

Cat loves to touch and heal you with her whole body in a dance like way. The massage
 begins with feather light touch and caresses and progresses to a massage that works all the muscles of the body while teasing you and building your energy into either a release or a retention. The choice is yours. Relaxed, light, mutual touch is welcome. 

All sessions include a body to body massage that begins with a feather light touch to wake up the skin, build trust, and heighten sensual sensitivity.  Cat lies her silky smooth body on top of you and you breathe together.  The session progresses into a Swedish oil massage with light to deep pressure working over the entire body, drawing from the many modalities she's trained in as well as a life time of experience offering bodywork, both therapeutic and erotic. During the massage there is lots of skin on skin and body to body contact.  You are encouraged to breathe and together with Cat, build the energy and then rest, build the energy again and move the energy up your chakras.  The session culminates in an energetic release or a retention, depending on your needs and your desire. 

If you are looking for a sensual, authentic and nurturing connection where you can let down your guard, surrender and discover deeper levels of pleasure in your body, this massage is for you. 


$310/90 min 
$410/2 hours

Couple's sessions: two hours $460. $120 each additional 1/2 hour.

In the couple's session, we spend some time connecting, sharing your desires for the session and articulating your personal boundaries.  Usually, each partner receives a massage while the other partner either watches or massages along with Cat.   The value for couples is learning some of Cat's erotic body to body massage techniques as well as bringing a new erotic element to your relationship in a safe, professional space that honours your relationship.  r
If you're serious about wanting to learn to give more pleasure to your goddess, the reverse massage option is recommended. Reach out for more details. 

A gentlemanly manner on the phone and during the session is appreciated and will always result in better service. This means taking a moment to introduce yourself when you call, speaking politely to Cat, touching her gently, turning into her and being respectful of her time.
Please buzz at the entrance at your appointment time, not early. If you are running a few minutes late, that's fine, just please let Cat know. If you need to cancel, please give as much notice as possible as she does spend time preparing for your session and someone else may want your appointment time.
Cat offers total discretion and appreciates the same in return.
Where are you located?
Cat is located in the West End in Vancouver, near Davie and Denman.
Do I need to bring anything?
No, just bring yourself. Occasionally clients feel inspired to bring wine, flowers, chocolates or lingerie gift cards. Such treats always bring a smile to Cat's face but are not expected. 
Should I shower before?
You can arrive freshly showered or you can shower here. Cat offers a hot towel treatment at the end as well as the option to shower afterwards. Allow fifteen minutes extra in your schedule to dress and shower after your session.
Do you offer role play and/or fetishes?
These are not my area of expertise but I am open to discussing your desires in person.
sensual massage, erotic, tantra, full body massage. Vancouver.  S
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